We bring transparency
to financial advising

Your financial future is too important to leave to questionable performance. The best way to know how you're really doing is to measure performance against other investors like you. Here’s what’s different about our approach.

Always monitoring

StackUp constantly monitors and provides insights for your advisors and investments while most other investment checkup tools are run on-demand and do not keep you out of trouble over the long run.


StackUp is objective. We're not an online advisor which means we're not looking to get you to invest with us. Most other investment checkup tools show you bad information just to win your business.

Ratings by advisor

StackUp breaks everything down by advisor and tax status, in addition to by account. No other investment checkup tools aggregates by advisor so its hard to know how well specific advisors are doing.

The best benchmarks

StackUp compares your advisor ratings, returns, risk, allocation, and fees to investors that share your same risk tolerance. Unlike most advisors, we don't use a single market benchmark which is rarely appropriate for investors. We also don't use confusing blended benchmarks.

100% data-driven

StackUp's ratings are objective and data driven. Your advisors won't want you to know how they stack up, but its crucial to your future that you find and trust the best financial advisor.

See how your advisor stacks up

You’ll see all of your investments in one place, get ratings on your advisors and it’s 100% free.