We started StackUp with a mission: to make it easy for investors to understand if their financial advisor is really doing a good job managing their financial future. We believe the best way to do that is to build an automated data-driven, performance-based ratings system. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the StackUp private beta. 

Why we created StackUp

As a registered financial advisor, I’ve spent a lot of time talking to independent investors about the critical importance of properly planning a financial future. Though I’ve had great, trusting relationships with my clients, I often heard them question how they can be sure that the recommended investment strategy and fee structure was truly in their best interest. Clearly they had no real way of knowing how volatile markets might impact those investments. The thing I realized over time, was that those concerns were not only widespread among investors, they were also pretty accurate. There really is no way for an investor to know if their advisor is doing a good job for them. So we built StackUp – an automated platform that monitors and analyzes the performance of financial advisors by comparing returns and fees to peer groups.  We believe all investors, regardless of how wealthy they are, should have access to quality financial advice that enriches their retirement in wealth and also peace of mind that they will enjoy the lifestyle they desire.

What’s at risk for investors who don’t pay attention to their investments

Most investors are experts in the areas of life and work that they enjoy. But when it comes to planning and managing something as important as their financial future, they usually look to an expert. Who investors entrust to manage their money can be life changing. It can improve your financial future significantly, but it can also put it at risk and degrade the life you dreamed of and worked hard for. Currently there is just no way to know if the person you trust with your money is really providing sound financial advice.  

Why you need to monitor your advisor

Financial advisors are salesmen. Many are bound by a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their clients, but let’s be realistic. Regulations are not always followed and the regulatory agencies might discover a problem only after it has occurred. Clients need to be their own advocates to get good service from an advisor. But often they’re not knowledgeable enough to know when to advocate for themselves or what to say. It can be pretty intimidating. Bottom line is, advisors will always focus on growing their own business. There’s a reason advisors are called “producers” and not “performers”. This means clients often are ignored at times that are important. When advisors communicate with clients they often show performance without fees or hide fees as much as they can so clients do not attempt to renegotiate the fee. Some advisors do anything to make themselves look good and keep clients happy including changing the benchmarks shown in client reports.

How StackUp helps you effortlessly stay on top of your investments

We are all intimately familiar with the challenges of choosing a financial advisor. And once that arduous process is complete, investors tend to lose sight of the impact the advisor they chose has on their financial future. We created StackUp to monitor your financial advisors for you so that you do not have to worry about missing a pivotal decision that might affect your lifestyle today and in the future. Thanks for joining us on this journey of bringing transparency to financial advising.  Feel free to drop us a line with any ideas or questions at hello [at] stackup.ai

-Jason and the StackUp team

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