Data-driven tools and insights to help you assess your portfolio.

Whether you use a financial advisor, a robo-advisor, or self-manage, we make it easy for you to evaluate, monitor, and understand what's going on with your investments.

Automated monitoring, alerts, and actionable insights

One place to track all of your investments and see what needs your attention.

Analyze Your Portfolio
Automated analysis of how your advisor is doing on returns, risk, allocation, and fees. Manage your own investments? Find out how you stack up!
Get Actionable Insights
For each advisor, find out how you can improve your returns, lower your risk in a crash, diversify your assets, and reduce your fees. We'll let you know when there's something that needs your attention so you can address with your advisor. 
See How You Compare
Benchmarking to the S&P 500 or the Barclays Aggregate just isn't right for most investors. Your best benchmark is all investors with your risk tolerance. See how you and your advisor stack up.

Bank-level secure, read-only sync with the top brokerages and custodians

There's a lot that can go wrong with your financial investments. We monitor what's important so you stay on top.

Compare Returns

StackUp automatically monitors and measures your returns per account. We look at profits, losses, interest, dividends, and expenses and compare that to the returns your risk tolerance peer group is seeing.

Uncover Fees

See how much you’re paying in fees compared to your peers. StackUp will automatically scan your accounts to find the fees you know about and the ones you don’t know about. We’ll also show you projections of how much you stand to pay in fees over the life of your account.

Smarter Allocation

Easily understand if your investments are properly allocated. And if they’re not, we provide the insights and information you need to bring it up with your financial advisor. Say goodbye to timid conversations with your advisor.

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Reduce Risk

StackUp constantly monitors your investment risk by measuring how your existing portfolio would have performed during historical market crashes. We’ll alert you if your account is at high risk so you can sleep at night.

Actionable Insights

There is a lot going on with your investments. StackUp generates automated, easy-to-understand insights so you know what’s working, what’s not, and what needs your attention right now. 

We're serious about security

StackUp uses 256-bit SSL bank-level encryption to ensure your data is safe. In fact, we don't store your bank information at all and no one can move money or trade in your accounts on StackUp. Not even you!